Q1. How do you measure and remove a stump?

We provide stump grinding with a machine that can grind it down 8-10 inches below grade.


Q2. What time of year should I have my trees trimmed?

Any time of year is acceptable to trim your trees, there are some exceptions with fruit trees, flowering trees, ornamental trees, and some Maple trees.

Q3. Why prune or trim my trees?

• Promote good branch structure, or correct poor branch structure.
• Reduce dangerous hazards and safety issues.
• Improve health of tree by removing heavy, dead, dangerous, diseased or dying branches.

Q4. Do I need a permit to remove my tree?

Permit’s are rarely required, please contact us for information on required permits.

Q5. How often should I trim my trees?

Every 2-3 years is the average cycle for healthy trees.

Q6. Should I fill holes or cavities that are in my tree?

No. This will do more harm to the tree. It provides hidden spaces for insects, moisture, and disease to rot the tree more and cause further damage.

Q7. Should I fertilize or spray my trees?

Yes, some trees need several applications per year to prevent disease.

Q8. Do I want to top my tree?

Never top a shade tree!
• Topping a tree is the most harmful tree pruning practice known.
• Can kill the tree.
• Creates weak trees, making them more susceptible to disease and insects.
• Promotes rapid decay and hazardous limbs.
• Leads to limb breakage, more tree work, and sprouting.
• Causes sunburn causing cankers and bark splitting.
• Destroys the beauty of the tree.
• Can lead to mandated removal of the tree.

Q8. If my tree has a wound or fresh cut should I paint it?

In the past this was highly recommended, however as research has progressed the best practice is proper branch collar pruning and to let the tree heal on its own.

Q9. I want to remove surface roots from the tree

• The roots feed the tree, removing the roots from a healthy tree can cause the tree to die, or become unsafe.
• Surface roots can be ground out when a tree has been removed, however sprinkler heads, or underground hoses can be damaged.

Q10. How can you trim a tree in the winter and know what to cut?

Our professional staff is well trained to know the difference between dead branches and live branches even if there are no leaves on the tree.

Q11. Do you have any information on Ash Borer?